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Counting the days…

Posted in Daily by fernieville on January 3, 2008

stressedI’ve become obsessed with this get healthy deal. It’s a good thing because I was counting the days till when I take off my braces. You see, I put braces on just before the holidays, sometime in December. And it’s a good thing I don’t remember the date because every morning I would wake up and think, OK 5 days down, 725 more to go! Ugh!! So now I’m thinking in terms of positive days and not XXX days to go!

So anyhow, 3 days into my “diet” and I’m feeling pretty militant and thoroughly obsessed. I’m sure as soon a school restarts I will get over it. I need to get into work so I can stop planning and re-planning my health goals and meals and family meals. Anyhow I found three great Apps to keep me up with Geekness even while “dieting.” CalorieKing Nutrition and Exercise Manager and Ecto- a Desktop Blogging Tool Both of which have OSX and Windows (yuck) versions. Oh yeah, did I mention I’m a Mac fanatic? More on that later…

But I digress…using the CalorieKing it told me I can have 1584 calories a day (w/o exercizing). I’m like, ok that’s not so bad. So then I plugged in my breakfast:

Oatmeal 1/2 cup
Apple 1/5 section cut up little tiny squares
Blueberries 10 of them
Brown Sugar 1 tsp Cinnamon
Sprinkle Milk 1tbsp
3 egg whites and
1 yolk minus one egg-white short of what I used to have for breakfast.

I was stuffed…and as I should have been because that all cost me 640 calories 346 calories (edit: 1/2 cup oatmeal ≠ 4 oz of oatmeal. I should read the box more often!) So my plan is to start with the oatmeal and then have the eggs after the workout I’m planning to start doing. For lunch I had:

Brown Rice 1cup
Chicken 6oz
Broccoli 1cup

And that cost me 539 calories! ok ouch. So for dinner, if I don’t move my butt and exercise at least a little, I have 405 1057 (read edit above) calories left. Since I’m only having veggies and meat I should make it no problem…

Of course, it’s only 6pm and I could make it to the gym and workout for 30 minutes but it’s 44 F out and freezing in FLORIDA! Nah, I’ll stuff my face with broccoli tonight and eat 4oz of protein. 15 min on a bike and a light stroll and I’d get an extra 150 calories to eat but it’s just too cold and the bike is far away and I’m making excuses tonight. 10 minutes of a 10 minute mile, or 1 mile and I’d get 160 edible calories back… I’ll try and find the courage to brave the cold.



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