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The math of losing weight

Posted in Daily, Health, Weight Loss by fernieville on January 3, 2008

So here is the math of losing weight. To lose 1lb of fat I need to burn 3500 calories. So 500 calories per day per week means I lose 1lb of fat. Ok now I need to figure out how much I burn just plain sitting on my butt. For that I must calculate my BMR or Basal Metabolic Rate. While I sit on my bottom I “burn” 2,041 calories. So because my intake is 1530 calories, I’m guaranteed through no work whatsoever, to lose a pound of fat a week. Not bad. Now if I can add exercise of just say 300 calories per day, I can enjoy a couple of chocolate protein shakes and still lose weight. Sweet.

Now for my grand exercise plan: The uni has all these exercise classes, but they are at night..freaking undergrads. I’m a mom, so that’s out of the question. But they do have AM PE classes…all of which are filled. So I have to wait during drop-add time and hope the undergrads drop the Advanced Swimming class. Yes you heard it right, advanced swimming. Turns out that chubby over here was a tom-boy sports fanatic as a kid/teen…bordering, er well over the ADD mark for a kid my age. My parents couldn’t keep me still. How I ended up sitting on my butt all day is a mystery, but thinking back to the glory days I was an excellent swimmer with big powerful thighs that got me a lot of first places in breast stroke and butterfly. Fast forward 15 years and I have big powerful thighs that keep me in place while I stroke the computer keypad…and thus my current state.

Besides swimming I was thinking about doing weights….I hate weights. I hate the gym. It’s boring, monotonous, slow, platitudinous, vapid, dull and did I mention boring? So for my working out program I have me in a bathing suit and me in a boring gym. yay. I need to find a goal…something to get excited over so that I do these and THEN I can do my goal BECAUSE I did these. Anyone have any ideas? Maybe I need to enter some sort of sporting event or the Mrs. Geek USA pageant rofl.

Today’s report (day 3) BMR 2041 Calories eaten 1413 Calorie Deficit 599


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