The Land of Fernieville

The “Learning” Channel

Posted in Rant by fernieville on January 4, 2008

Since when did the Learning Channel become the Tender Loving Care channel? I used to get a fair amount of geek programming from Discovery, History, PBS, TLC, and Science Channel. Now, my favorite, TLC has turned into the feel good channel to be watched by women who are either pregnant and at home, or women fascinated into the lives of other people.

Take a look at the line up for a second. And tonight they had on something called Miss America Reality Check. Gasp! <sarcasm> I’m sorry, could someone explain to me where the learning part is? </sarcasm>. And while we’re on the point of “reality” lets be very real: beauty pageants AREN’T real. Women living in a beautiful home whose sole purpose is to primp themselves isn’t REALITY. Having three people decide who’s on the top and bottom 3’s of 50 very different women whose beauty standards are as different as my kids taste in music.

Don’t try to fool me with that name…your lineup has nothing to do with learning anymore!


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