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Charity is a business too

Posted in Tech News by fernieville on January 5, 2008

The OLPC (One Laptop Per Child) found itself dumped by Intel after OLPC found out that Intel peddling it’s own Classmate PC (partnered with Micro$oft) to the Peruvian Minister of Education who happens to be friends with OLPC. If only OLPC had read Classmate PC’s website and seen in the news portion how Intel really feels about OLPC. (as of 01/05/07)

If you see on your left, you’ll notice how Intel seems to be excited about joining OLPC, but then thinks its version is more “rugged and feels better suited for classroom than OLPC.”

So which is it Intel? Are you excited or not to join OLPC? Was perhaps your motive for joining to undermine the OLPC project? Substandard processors maybe?

How embarrassing Intel, to think of your bottom line while pretending to care.

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