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Posted in Daily by fernieville on January 6, 2008

I spent the day at my BFF Kee’s house today finishing a toy box/couch her father made for her daughter Nai. Imagine a wooden box, with the back slightly higher and no lid. So I told her we could put a lid on it and make it a couch after seeing Nai put pillows inside and make it into what she called a couch.

So we finished the top cushion part, but being clutter allergic, and despite my aching back from making the “couch,” I decided Nai’s room needed Fernilization tactics.

Now, to know me is to know that if I lived alone, my house would look like the one from Sleeping with the Enemy. But because I live with clutter-blind people, I have to keep my neurotic tendencies to myself and accept a fair amount of chaos from my children, all four of them (hubby is in that count). My parents and sister would of course have you believe otherwise because they think I am messy because I was messy as a kid… what the Army (except my husband lol) will do to a person is the variable they didn’t use to modify their theory of me.

Anyhow, back to topic. Here is a tip for organizing your room. Get a box. A BIG box and put all the crap out of place in it. Then take it out of the room. Decide what’s trash…the decide again what’s trash (rinse and repeat). Decide what doesn’t belong in the previous room and then put back item by item in its place back in the room. At the very least, if you are tired, you can keep the mess in the box until the next day while your room stays clean. It works for any room and it’s an amazing system that I <geek joke> offer freely to you under the GPL licensing.  </geek joke>

So Nai got her room Fernilized and furniture moved and half-couch made and a reading nook materialized. My friend, seeing my amazing organizational prowess, decides her room is next. When I walk in there ( and I know she’ll read this post) I thought to my self: we could light a torch… allow me to explain:  You see, Kee is an “Englishist;” you know, those weird people that read a bazillion words a minute and collect books like I collect computer gadgets. Weirdos. People like her enjoy reading, and keeping, every book read on earth since the library in Alexandria burned down. Weirdos.

So now I am scheming about what to do with her room because as any great mother knows, first you deck out your child’s room, THEN and only THEN do you think, gee, time to create a zen area for me. And she is a great mom, she deserves some zen time.


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  1. Akilah said, on January 14, 2008 at 2:38 pm

    Aw, you are so nice.

    I still haven’t big box-ed it. I know, I know.

    I get distracted by myself.

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