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Disney World really is magical

Posted in Family, Reflections by fernieville on May 15, 2008

Came back today from a wonderful 24 hours of Disney magic. Took my daughter camping (the tent type) over at Disney World with some of her girl scout brownie troop. It was wonderful to re-bond with her, see her interact with her peers and notice how much she has grown from the first time she visited Disney with my mother when she was just 2 1/2.

My has she grown! Well, she’s still physically little…on the extra small side and 2-3 sizes smaller on her clothes. But finally
she is above the “this high” mark for roller coasters… not that she’d normally volunteer! But something about friends and peer pressure that gave her courage to try Thunder Mountain and she was so brave! I didn’t push my luck when we tried Splash Mountain immediately afterwords… specially with the catatonic face she had exiting Thunder Mountain, but still, I was proud.

What a big almost 9yo girl she is indeed… away from school issues, and height issues and chore issues, there was something about parades, princesses, Minnie and Mickey and Thunder Mountain that made us closer and well… we just bonded. It was magical.


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