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Now this wont hurt a bit…

Posted in Health, Rant by fernieville on May 26, 2008

This weekend was eventful. My sister came in town on Friday for my daughter’s birthday party on Saturday. All went well, despite only 8 girls showing up…but that was our fault for deciding on the plans last minute; as in Wednesday. It was half-of a Pokemon party, filled with Pokemon cake and pokemon games, then to finish it off a dip in the community pool.

Then on Sunday my mother in the early morning, unbeknownst to us, drives herself to the worse nearest hospital to us complaining of flank pain. When we get there, mom’s in the ER room and the billing idiot guy comes by and hands her drivers license and insurance card and says:

“Your insurance covers the ER visit except for a $100 copay. Do you have that now?”

My mother is in pain, moaning and groaning and this guy is asking her to pay now before we even see the doc? WTF????? So my sister protests

“Isn’t this bad timing? I mean, shes in pain, can’t we do this at the end.”

The moron guy sorta ignores her, looks at my mom again as if to imply…lemme just take it now. The nurse hears the commotion and comes inside asking “whats the problem here.” To which I say

“It’s just that my mother is in pain, isn’t exaclty in the position to coherently sign papers at the moment and this guy here is asking her for money before we’ve even been seen by anybody!”

My sister, less tactfully perhaps that she should have been, says pissedly: “can’t he do this later? my mother is sick and this very rude!!!”

To which the bitch nurse replies “He’s just doing his job…you have to understand that this is a business.

No, I’m not kidding…I wish I were.

So my sister, in all her tactfulness begins mocking her words…repeating over and over and dry-ly laughing “it’s a business” in utter disbelief.

But the drama isn’t over…my mother is then given some narcotic – Hydromorphine for pain. Do you think that before giving someone a narctotic they might a) hook her up to a heart monitor and pulseox and b) take blood pressure readings? Or how about c) warn the family that there may be adverse effects that may pass? And lastly d) stay with the patient until the adverse affects pass?

None of those things happened. Before we knew it my mother started to make noises then her arms started to twitch and her eyes going back and forth into her head, her lips turned blue and her skin pale and we panicked. Two nurses come in with paramedics, and say “oh this is normal…” so much so that they shoo us out of the room close the door and hook her up to a monitor and whatever else they did in there while we panicked outside.

All of this drama for a kidney stone in the end… this is the last time we use this hospital (NFRMC). This is the 3rd time we have issues with the treatment we’ve received, and by far the scariest.

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  1. Marianne said, on February 15, 2009 at 2:45 pm

    I had kidney stones also. And the nursing care was nonexistent. When I reported pain after meds, they wrote down that I was responding well. That way, they justified not having to do any extra work. I refused to pay the nursing portion of the bill later.

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