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10.5.2 MacBook Pro Freezing Problem: Fix?

Posted in Apple, leopard, MacBook Pro, osx by fernieville on May 28, 2008

If you have been following this thread it seems as though some folks found a fix to this problem…temporary fix.

To qualify for this fix here are the symptoms:

– Your computer freezes only on battery
– It does not respond to keyboard or trackpad
– CapsLock and NumLock may light up
– Only powerbutton hard reboot works
– Console logs no errors just before the freeze

If this sounds like your MacBook Pro, fear not: simply turn off the keyboard light (F8). No freezes after that for me.

Another solution many have found is to archive and install back to 10.5.0. Some people though this did not fix, perhaps suggesting this is firmware related.

Something about the 10.5.2 where the culprits might be:


  • Addresses an issue in which the backlight could turn off before Energy Saver’s backlight setting.


  • Improves connection reliability and stability
  • Includes 802.1X improvements.
  • Resolves certain kernel panics.

Or the graphics update that was sent out after 10.5.2.

Some users report it being induced by using the Airport. Mine has been induced twice when the computer’s screen was trying to dim while I was reading the screen…as soon as I touched the mouse to undim, freeze.

Other’s report being able to use a USB keyboard and mouse…I have not tried it. Yet others report it freezing while connected to a powered USB device or external screen.

As a caveat…my PowerMac G5 has since died an awful death since 10.5.2 and freezes at the slightest thing.

So sad.

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  3. datenkind said, on January 23, 2009 at 5:16 pm

    Hey there,

    I had these problems a long time ago too. On Easter last year I remember 3 freezes within 30 minutes – I almost throwed that MPB to the wall … Somehow the freezes were gone for months and they occasionally returned in Autumn last year. I couldn’t believe that this might happen through the keyboard backlight, but after switching it completely of I had no more freezes since about 4 months. Let’s hope that cures this damn issue …

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