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Posted in Apple, geek, Mac by fernieville on June 20, 2008

How much of a geek am I? Allow me to count the ways…

I decided to reopen my son’s iBook today and fix it. It has a famous G4 logic board problem. Anyhow, I had tried the shimmy fix, and the reheating Pin 28 with a solder gun fix…until the problem came back. So this site had one more fix and that was to scrape the green paint to the copper and add a bead of solder to the side of pin 28. Bellow is my geek masterpiece!

I’ve reached an even higher level of geekhood!

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  1. Joe Dopp said, on March 9, 2009 at 9:23 am

    That’s a great idea. I repaired my logic board a long time ago and it started working for a while, then stopped again. Apple’s repair depots wanted over $1000 for a logic board replacement so I ended up just getting a dual core intel PC instead and have had the ibook on the shelf. I’m revisiting this repair again.

    You didn’t mentioned…did this work for you? I’m going to give it a try. These multi layer PCB’s

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