The Land of Fernieville

Who is Fernicus?

I’m an Engineering PhD student w/ 2 kids and a dog. I live in FL, with my wonderful hubby. I’m on a quest to tie loose ends in my life like get back to a healthy weight, get back into sports, get more out of my day, spend more time with the kids, and graduate! This blog will be a collection of geeky things, some about my research, some about my life and some about my friends. Yes, it’s all about me in a sense, but it’s a public journal and a collection of things that are new to me, perhaps not new to you, but new to me 😀

I was a PhD student.  My loans grew too large, and my former advisor wanted to stick me with a project that had no end.  After telling said advisor I hated that project, I was failed.  Oh well, that is the life in academia.  Publish or perish and I think that project was a waste of taxpayer money.

Now I have a job, somewhere in America.  A good job.  A really really good job.  I’ll return to that PhD one day, but for now, I’ll enjoy living my life and this really amazing job.

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