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iPhone review: Fring VOIP Skype

Posted in Apple, geek, iPhone 2.0, Software by fernieville on October 6, 2008

I downloaded this and I have to say it was OK.  The call worked, but the call quality if awful.  I get much better call quality on Skype on my laptop, but for some reason the quality of the call on the iPhone is very much reduced.  It’s particular to the application because if you call their test number you’ll also hear the same poor call quality.

Also the delay is pretty horrendous.  Last time I remember a delay this bad was calling foreign countries back in the 80’s.  I’m not sure, but it seems that everything goes through the Fring servers, if so, I can’t see the reason for this at all.  Hopefully they’ll either fix this or something else will come along.

Bottom line:  use it in a pinch if you really have to.

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hello from iPhone 2.0

Posted in Apple, iPhone 2.0, ipwnage 2.0, quals, tennis by fernieville on July 14, 2008

I’m back to legit iPhone land. No jailbreak, no hacks, no BSD subsystem and really slow show off terminals. The free apps on iTunes are nice and mobile WordPress is ok.

In other news I played a tennis tournament and our team got second place yay… But I fell and retired a game and came home with a nasty inversion sprain.

Lastly quals are killing my soul and sucking the living life out of me and this the lack of posts.

Ooh I forgot to mention the yiphone/ipwnage drama that should unfold tomorrow. It’s like a reality TV drama with really smart geeks. Hehe

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Levels of geekness…

Posted in Apple, geek, Mac by fernieville on June 20, 2008

How much of a geek am I? Allow me to count the ways…

I decided to reopen my son’s iBook today and fix it. It has a famous G4 logic board problem. Anyhow, I had tried the shimmy fix, and the reheating Pin 28 with a solder gun fix…until the problem came back. So this site had one more fix and that was to scrape the green paint to the copper and add a bead of solder to the side of pin 28. Bellow is my geek masterpiece!

I’ve reached an even higher level of geekhood!

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