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Things kids do to show how they love you…

Posted in Daily, Family, funny, Reflections by fernieville on June 15, 2008

Today is father’s day in the US. Which is wonderful. I wish I knew how that felt…to have a dad to celebrate with, but I presume it’s, well, I don’t know. I have no clue.

Anyhow, this morning I have the kids helping make breakfast for their daddy. The 3yo hands me the eggs and the 9yo is the waitress. At some point the 3yo throws a piece of corn bread she’d been eating on the floor for whatever reason those neurons fired at that time. She was promptly put on time out and given a talkin’ to about not throwing food. She sits there on time out crying louder to show us how hurt she is for the banishing punishment and after a while declares: “I’m ready to listen now mommy.” (yup, I’ve trained her well haven’t I?

So I ask her to help me with the placemats and she found a Dora placemat I had gotten her a month ago. The same Dora placemat she hated and told me then to “give it to sissy, I don’t like it.”

After finding it she declares: “hey mommy look! it’s my Dora placemat, can I have it on the table? I’m sorry I said I didn’t like it and give it to sissy, I do like it.”

How sweet is that? I would have expected her to just declare it was hers or just have forgotten the incident as I had already forgotten…she out of the blue apologizes for having snubbed my gift a month ago.

Daddy had his heart shaped fried eggs served by his little princesses and prepared by his queen. Life is good indeed.Technorati Tags: , , ,

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But it’s new to you!

Posted in Family, Rant by fernieville on June 14, 2008

Since when did charities become so picky?

Allow me to explain before any assumptions…

I cleaned the girls rooms and I told them to put all their plush toys in the hallway…I’ve been telling hubby and family that they own WAY too many plush toys. Every birthday or outing with grandma they get a new one. The last outing with dad they brought home two more…some huge dinosaur and the younger child a small kitty plush animal. So I was like “thats it.” Obviously these people don’t have the slightest idea of volume.

Anyhow, we filled the hallway with plushness… and with that visual my 9yo was able to let go of half of them…even she was like “woah, that IS a lot of animals.” Victory at last…

So after filling three large size black bags full of brand new plush animals, that were hardly touched EVER, I called three places, two closed and the last being the local Ronald McDonald House.

Me: “Hi I wanted to know if you take plush toys”
Sir: “Oh yes! You can drop them off anytime. Just make sure they are new.”

What? What’s the point of donations then? I’ll take new things too…c’mon now! I buy in consignment stores and gladly take hand-me-downs. I graciously accept them, then decide later which to keep. Most of the time I keep them for paint-time clothes.

New? Seriously? What a waste…

Anyone want 3 bags full of plushness?

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No Internet Today

Posted in Daily, Family, TV by fernieville on June 2, 2008

My TV, Phone and internet went down today…because they are all from the same provider.

Weird…felt like a post hurricane night when there’s nothing you can do but to enjoy the family..except we had A/C. It was nice to have no choice to work and read a book with the kids without them wishing they were watching TV. “TV is broken…let’s read a book!” I said…”yay!” they replied.

Perhaps the TV will be “broken” more often around here.

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