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Apple OS X 10.5.3 Update and Freezing Keyboard

Posted in Apple, leopard, Mac, MacBook Pro, osx by fernieville on May 28, 2008

Apple on Wednesday released Mac OS X 10.5.3, a recommended update for all users of its Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard operating system that includes general operating system fixes that enhance the stability, compatibility and security of your Mac.

Reading the bullet points I don’t think that my freezing issues are fixed…but then again if it’s Airport causing it:


  • Improves 802.1X behavior and reliability.

This might fix it.

We’ll see.

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100% Fans Leopard OSX – fix

Posted in Apple, Mac, MacBook Pro by fernieville on May 19, 2008
Didn’t know why my computer’s fans were blaring, and when I went to Activity Monitor nothing was 100% (as in memory leaky Java apps like Eclipse ugh).

Anyhow, I found a post about it being a printer job stuck on send… looked around my printer queue and it was empty, but for good measure I deleted them all…all the printers that is.

Nope, fans still at 6000rpm EACH. (use smcFanControl to see it)

So I went back to my Activity Monitor and looking around found three instances (a couple with little printer icons next to them) that had (null) for a name at 0.2 CPU or 1.0 CPU. WTF?

I quit the three (null) processes…and whaddayaknow? Fans slowed to 2000rpms. Freaking Leopard is starting to remind me of an archaic OS I used a long time ago called windows…wasted 2 hours on this little problem last night!

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Help…menu bar overload

Posted in Apple, leopard, Mac, MacBook Pro, osx by fernieville on May 17, 2008
I love my menu bar on OSX. But the icons are getting ridiculous! Take a look below.

From the left:
Adium, Dejumble, smcFanControl, MacFusion, MainMenu, TimeMachine, Spaces, Sync, Modem, Scripts, VPN, Bluetooth, Airport, Displays, Security, Volume, Time, Language, Power, User, Spotlight.

I can take out the modem, spaces and language settings I suppose…but that still leaves 18 icons. Sheesh! I’m such a mac-dork.

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