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Movie: With All Deliberate Speed

Posted in Movies by fernieville on May 19, 2008
I watched this tonight on the Discovery Channel and I highly recommend it.

With All Deliberate Speed (2004)

Documentary filmmaker Peter Gilbert unearths the legacy of the landmark Supreme Court decision in Brown v. Board of Education — where it was ruled that “in the field of public education, the doctrine of ‘separate but equal’ has no place” — via never-before-heard stories from people directly responsible for, and greatly affected by, the original case. Written by Anonymous


Film: American Made

Posted in Movies by fernieville on January 28, 2008

american madeAmerican Made: Wow, I just saw this on PBS and I found it amazing.

The movie website is:

Worth seeying, and deserved all awards it received. As a foreigner, there were so many parallels I could relate to, and as someone who isn’t overtly “foreign” looking, it made it so simple to understand how a Sikh, or anyone else that wears a headdress (Muslim Kufi, a woman’s scarf, Jewish Kippah etc) might feel being clumped together with a handful of maniacs and whose only commonality is adherence to religious dress code.

Brilliant film. I give it ∑∑∑∑∑

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Movie Review: Atonement

Posted in 2008, Movies by fernieville on January 12, 2008

Rating: ∑∑∑∑∑ (5/5)

This is quite simply one of the best movies I’ve seen in years and I can’t wait to read the book.

This movie will manipulate you into a range of emotions through the most amazing imagery a director could muster! The movie is powerful, funny, and then depressing and frustrating, and agonizing and leaves you angry at the end of it as it should… It takes you through a range of emotions so great and so vast that you find yourself defeated to fight any longer and immerse yourself in the story. Its not predictable and I love unpredictable movies.

The acting is amazing and the editing superb. If I had any credentials as a movie critic, I’d give it a 4.5/5. Why the minus 1/2 a point? Because I wanted more scenes of Robbie and Emily…it’s a selfish reason.

So I’ll give it five pocket protectors…only I don’t have icons to go with the pocket protectors. So, make that five summation signs for the geekoid that I am.

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