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I Want Hotel Oatmeal!!

Posted in Recipe by fernieville on May 20, 2008
Ugh…at Disney we had “Character Breakfast” at a resort the morning after camping. Anyhow, they had oatmeal there…HOTEL OATMEAL!

Why is it that THEY can make oatmeal but I can’t? I hate the instant kind…yuck…it’s white and mushy. I want gooey and greyish almost jelloish oatmeal that they serve in hotels.

I hear steel cut are the best but I’ve yet to try it…I have some thick old fashioned kind here and the package directions gave me oats that were still whole!

Someone out there help me make goey oatmeal like the hotels do? Like the picture below!!

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Curry is so wonderful

Posted in Recipe by fernieville on February 3, 2008

Curry is the most wonderful Asian countries have given us…gastronomically speaking. Tonight I cooked up some read saucy, chicken curry, with red Thai curry paste and a tad bit of yogurt and some tomato puree and onions and…oh my Hindu Gods, it was wonderful!

Here is a recipe:

2 onions
1 green pepper
1 bok choy
minced garlic ( I like lots)
2 tbsp red tomato paste
red Thai curry sauce (1/2 tbsp or more)
1 cup plain yogurt
salt, pepper, etc
chicken thighs, no skin or fat
parsley at the end
1/2 can coconut milk


Cook up the onions, peper, bok choy roots, garlic;
Add chicken after veggies are translucent
Now add water, red curry, red tomato paste, coconut milk
Cook it all down
Add Bok Choy greens, parsley, and yogurt at very end
Add red peper sauce or cayenne peper to taste for additional heat.

Serve over rice…so yummy!

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Eggplant Ricotta Bake Yumm!

Posted in Daily, Recipe by fernieville on January 21, 2008

This is THE most amazing low calorie, low fat, high protein and high fiber food ever!

We paired this up with some lean (read dry…) pork chops from our George Foreman Grill. It was ok, I just cooked it too long.

I had more than one portion…oops. But it was sooo good and sooooo easy to make and only 150 calories/portion.

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