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iPhone review: Fring VOIP Skype

Posted in Apple, geek, iPhone 2.0, Software by fernieville on October 6, 2008

I downloaded this and I have to say it was OK.  The call worked, but the call quality if awful.  I get much better call quality on Skype on my laptop, but for some reason the quality of the call on the iPhone is very much reduced.  It’s particular to the application because if you call their test number you’ll also hear the same poor call quality.

Also the delay is pretty horrendous.  Last time I remember a delay this bad was calling foreign countries back in the 80’s.  I’m not sure, but it seems that everything goes through the Fring servers, if so, I can’t see the reason for this at all.  Hopefully they’ll either fix this or something else will come along.

Bottom line:  use it in a pinch if you really have to.

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New Way to Blog

Posted in Software by fernieville on May 16, 2008 discovered a firefox extension that will help me keep up with my blog. Part of the reason I don’t blog more often is because I don’t want my coworkers knowing that a) it exists and b) that I’m blogging. So I put it off till night and don’t get to it. And I can blog without it showing by blog page…incognito! woot. awesome.

Anyhow! Try this: ScribeFire

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