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hello from iPhone 2.0

Posted in Apple, iPhone 2.0, ipwnage 2.0, quals, tennis by fernieville on July 14, 2008

I’m back to legit iPhone land. No jailbreak, no hacks, no BSD subsystem and really slow show off terminals. The free apps on iTunes are nice and mobile WordPress is ok.

In other news I played a tennis tournament and our team got second place yay… But I fell and retired a game and came home with a nasty inversion sprain.

Lastly quals are killing my soul and sucking the living life out of me and this the lack of posts.

Ooh I forgot to mention the yiphone/ipwnage drama that should unfold tomorrow. It’s like a reality TV drama with really smart geeks. Hehe

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Tennis rocks!

Posted in Daily, Health, tennis by fernieville on May 18, 2008
In other news, since starting tennis in February, the team that I joined has made the regional cut and we’ll be travelling on a weekend to play other regional champs. How awesome is that? Sure it’s only a starter 2.5 level, but we have to start somewhere! It was an amazing game and we won 6-1, 6-2.

If only my tennis hero, Lindsey Davenport, could see me now 🙂

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