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No Internet Today

Posted in Daily, Family, TV by fernieville on June 2, 2008

My TV, Phone and internet went down today…because they are all from the same provider.

Weird…felt like a post hurricane night when there’s nothing you can do but to enjoy the family..except we had A/C. It was nice to have no choice to work and read a book with the kids without them wishing they were watching TV. “TV is broken…let’s read a book!” I said…”yay!” they replied.

Perhaps the TV will be “broken” more often around here.

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The Shield

Posted in TV by fernieville on May 27, 2008

So I’m late…I just discovered The Shield this morning on Spike. WOW what a cool show. I must get the DVD’s. It’s fast and has good cops that do bad things but only to bad people…it’s just really neat. The last season begins this September and I’ve got 6 seasons to catch up on.

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