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Mail hangs with Leopard 10.5

Posted in Mac by fernieville on January 31, 2008 logoHas anyone noticed how much Mail hangs with Leopard? I have three imap accounts, and somehow Google just hangs, constantly circling around as if downloading new msgs. And if I say “delete” this msg, and move to read my .Mac msgs, it reappears when I return! The synchronization of the imap account with Google is so slow that I have to wait a minute or so for it talk to Google and delete.

The odd thing is that it’s not completely incapacitated when it hangs…only hanging to emails coming in and going out. I can still read msgs, but I have to quit to send something out or get new ones. When it does hang I can’t just say Quit; I have to Force Quit. This is annoying and I hope that 10.5.2 fixes it.

Any suggestions or fixes for this?

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