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Fix: Sad iPod Face? Out of Warranty?

Posted in iPod by fernieville on June 12, 2008

Fear not!! My son’s 4G 40GB B/W iPod “died” and this is how I fixed it.

If your iPod isnt’ being recognized by your computer and it keeps restarting over and over and over again and displaying that pathetic and sad iPod face don’t throw it away!

Open the iPod (you can do it). It wont be pretty and it’ll scratch, but hey, it’s dead to you now anyway! Start near the FF button, push down with a thin screwdriver until the metal part separates from the plastic part. Be gentle but don’t fear, you wont break it. When you pry it all up, there is a ribbon attached to the metal part that bridges over to the plastic part…just remember not to make any sudden movements and open it slowly so you see it.

Anyhow, the thing that has the blue plastic around it is the hard drive that stores your songs! Just push up the connector away from the hard drive (don’t pull if you can…push is away from the bottom of the ribbon where it meets the hard drive).

Reseat the hard drive connector (fancy tech way of saying take it off then put it back).

Test your iPod before closing it…it worked right away for mine and hopefull it will for yours also!

Here is the pic (random web one…) on opening the iPod.

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