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I played with myself today

Posted in Daily, Weight Loss by fernieville on January 5, 2008

So my friend was visiting from UVa and mentioned that after quals he lost 25lbs in 3 weeks by eating 1 sub a day and playing basketball…never mind his crazy antics. But it made me think about at least one thing: Basketball. I like basketball, and I’m fairly good at it. And lo and behold, there is a court right here in our complex in addition to tennis, pool, weights and volleyball. I’m an idiot if I don’t take advantage. So I played basketball, for 30-40 minutes and though I was totally out of shape, I had a blast playing with myself. Yes, it was just me on the court then my hubby’s son joined me at the end. Poor guy lost to a 30yo overweight mother-of-2 on a pick up game to his stepmother. Good thing his friends weren’t looking. But to his credit he’s good at other things, just not sports… so it wasn’t a fair fight for I played sports all my life up to around 4 years ago (baby).

Anyhow, so my little game was I’d try, not very hard, to make a basket as if under pressure, and if I didn’t make it I’d run to the other side and try to make it there. Eventually I’d try a little harder and make the basket and then rest a while by shooting baskets calmly. I did that some 5 times and it was fun knowing I could still dribble the ball, shoot a basket and run down the court.

Again, CalorieKing gives us the run down.

Approximate Calories Eaten: 1694
Approximate Calories Burned: 309 (Basketball)
Approximate Calories Today : 1305
Approximate Calorie Deficit: 741 (from RMR of 2041)

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