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New Beginnings new goals

Posted in Daily by fernieville on January 3, 2008

As this is the first post and chances are no one will ever read it, I can be a little more forthcoming. I’m a PhD Student, in my 2nd year majoring is MSE. I am married with kids and a dog. Its a good life, not a rich life but we have loans and we’re not poor…or at least we don’t live poorly.

I’ve met some awesome friends here at the Uni and we have a thoroughly good time.

But the point of this blog is more of a personal journal for the coming year. I want to be able to look back and read about my goals, wether I reached them and how far I’ve come. If you’re a mom and a PhD or contemplating a PhD I hope this blog inspires you.

My new years resolution…or perhaps my life resolution that begins in 2008, is to get those pesky loose ends in my life and tie them. This list below details my current flaws (as perceived by me at least) and my goals.

  1. End Procratination
    I want to stop procrastinating so much! My short term goal is to create and follow a daily schedule that I stick to no matter what with enough free time that I can look forward to. I like routines and the make me feel good.
  2. Be Healthier
    Not just lose weight…that is a short sighted goal. I want to stop eating too much. I eat generally healthy but the meals aren’t planned and lunch is often fast food (subs, chicken sandwiches). But what really does me in is that I have to finish my plate and then I get seconds. Health food in large amounts is not healthy for me. I also gave up sports after I had kids. I loved sports and just stopped cold turkey after my first 8.5 yrs ago. So I want to eat less and exercise more.
  3. Spend More Time with Family
    I have to stop using work as an excuse to spend time away from the house. It’s not that I don’t like them, they are wonderful, but the chaos that is living with kids and a hubby that, well, is clutter-blind, drives me insane. I hate clutter, it gets me into a fowl mood and picking it up makes me crazy because I resent having to pick up after everyone. So I am taking the kids outside more often, that way I’m out of the cluttery house and I get some fresh air.
  4. Stop Volunteering
    This is bad. If I’m capable of doing something, I’ll say yes regardless if my schedule has room for it! Stupid I know. So I have to learn to say maybe more often.
  5. Choose max 2 hobbies to follow.
    I have too many to count. I want to learn to play guitar, program an infinity of programs I have ideas for, patent the infinite ideas in my head, write a book I’ve thought of for over 10 years, organize my music collection, transfer video of the kids and edit them, take up a new sport, finish an old sport (taekwondo), build computers, fix them, gadgets etc. I’m a jack of all trades and master of none and I need to just choose one or two hobbies, focus and then move on.
  6. Get more sleep
    At least 7 hours avg…

I’ll also chronicle my 45 lb weight-loss, training goal here. Anyhow that’s the gist of the journal, sprinkled with geek all over!