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iPod Touch-es your wallet

Posted in iPod, Mac, MacWorld 2008, Rant, Tech News by fernieville on January 16, 2008

iPod Touch users are being told to get over it! It’s only $20… but Apple missed the chance to come out of this the benevolent provider. A few months ago it released the iPod touch, a revolutionary player missing key applications that would make it 1 notch short of a phone! But instead of that, it was several notches short…5 applications short to be exact.

So this MacWorld Apple had the chance to say “gee, sorry everyone, we made a mistake and would like for you to enjoy these apps with your wireless iPod! Let’s make things right and here, have them as a free update.”

But that was not to be and instead they charge $20 for the apps, which is really cheap but it’s akin to tipping a waiter a penny because it sends the message: “I’m cheap and I hate you.”

Bloggers instead say: “See, but the iPhone is a continual source of revenue blah blah blah.”

I say: “So does the iPod touch…with iTunes integration, the iPod touch constantly brings in the cash for Apple.”

So what did MacWorld teach me this year?

a) Don’t be an early Apple adopter…you’ll pay more, even later.

b) We rather update later than give you things we already have, now.

c) Gone are the days of revolutionary technology WITH amazing bundled software.

I pay more for Apple products because I get more. And if this MacWorld is a glimpse of the new more-popular-Apple to come, I’m not liking it a bit. Withholding features for future sales is bad business and not very nice and makes me want to hack. Like that stupid $1.99 for “unlocking” 802.11n wireless on MacBooks. WTF?!?!?!?

Here’s your tip for this year’s MacWorld Steve Jobs: