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SSH Tunneling on OSX

Posted in Mac by fernieville on March 16, 2008

Ever needed to connect to a server but you can’t unless you’re in that network?  And ofcourse, there’s no VPN option… but you can connect to something else that’s open on that network, just NOT the server you want…

Fear not!  Fugu to the rescue.

For OSX users:

Run Fugu (
Click on SSH up on the menu
Choose New Tunnel

Fill in the info:
Place you want to connect to but cant
Place-you-can connect to and allows you to connect to place-you-can’t

A small window will appear telling you what local port it routed the connection to

Open any proggy you want to connect to that host-you-can’t and instead of putting the host address put localhost, and use the port number Fugu used locally to route that to.

Feel free to ask a question for more clarification.  Also, if you know the comand line version of this, please do share.

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Mail hangs with Leopard 10.5

Posted in Mac by fernieville on January 31, 2008 logoHas anyone noticed how much Mail hangs with Leopard? I have three imap accounts, and somehow Google just hangs, constantly circling around as if downloading new msgs. And if I say “delete” this msg, and move to read my .Mac msgs, it reappears when I return! The synchronization of the imap account with Google is so slow that I have to wait a minute or so for it talk to Google and delete.

The odd thing is that it’s not completely incapacitated when it hangs…only hanging to emails coming in and going out. I can still read msgs, but I have to quit to send something out or get new ones. When it does hang I can’t just say Quit; I have to Force Quit. This is annoying and I hope that 10.5.2 fixes it.

Any suggestions or fixes for this?

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MacWorld – Excitement Interruptus

Posted in MacWorld 2008, Rant, Tech News by fernieville on January 15, 2008

There is no tablet. Let me make this clear….NO TABLET! The Macxperts and Macheads and Mac fanatics like me simply cannot understand Apple’s reluctance to offer us a tablet. If I want one, I have to send it to someone to gut it out and fashion a tablet a la Frankenstein. Ok, so a ModBook is actually really nice…but I don’t want it like that. I want a Mac-kified Tablet, a Steve Jobs approved, reviewed, scrutinized, tablet!!!!!

Why Steve Jobs wont you listen to us? WHYYYYYYYYYYY *sob*

All I want is to have a NOTEBOOK. Not just a laptop…a notebook tablet where I can write notes, equations, then swivel and voila! Keyboard!

But what does Santa Jobs bring us one more year? one more computer, one more lap-top, albeit one that fits in an envelope. Bah humbug. I’ll pass, and till next year, I don’t think I like you anymore…and I’ll act immature until you give me my tablet dag nab it!