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Freezing PowerMacs G5 – temp fix

Posted in Mac by fernieville on January 27, 2008

pmg5.jpegMy PMG5 1.8 single, 1st Gen, has a nasty habit of freezing. After Leaopard, I can’t shutdown or restart without the beachball coming up, and the fans starting take-off procedures. After which I must powerdown by holding down the power button. After booting it will inevitably freeze either at the grey, blue or startup screen, if it gets that far.

I’ve eliminated the 2nd SATA drive, the AE card, and the RAM. I’ve also elemininated the peripherals connected to it except the keyboard. I know that the video card doesn’t show anything on the DVI side, and I must use the ADC side and the ADC to DVI adapter for my 20″ DVI screen.

10.1 just made things worse, and now my FireWire 410 wont work with the 1.8.2 driver that used to work with 10.4.10. It just sits there and blinks a blue light… my external FW HD works, so it’s not my FW port. Resetting the PRAM never helps.

A temporary fix is to press the PMU button found on logic board and voila! It boots.

Granted, this computer is almost 5 years old!!! And the 1st gen 64 bit of it’s time. But dag nab it, it’s been 5 years of boot/freeze issues with the G5. A cursory google look will tell you this is not a new issue! ugh

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