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SSH Tunneling on OSX

Posted in Mac by fernieville on March 16, 2008

Ever needed to connect to a server but you can’t unless you’re in that network?  And ofcourse, there’s no VPN option… but you can connect to something else that’s open on that network, just NOT the server you want…

Fear not!  Fugu to the rescue.

For OSX users:

Run Fugu (
Click on SSH up on the menu
Choose New Tunnel

Fill in the info:
Place you want to connect to but cant
Place-you-can connect to and allows you to connect to place-you-can’t

A small window will appear telling you what local port it routed the connection to

Open any proggy you want to connect to that host-you-can’t and instead of putting the host address put localhost, and use the port number Fugu used locally to route that to.

Feel free to ask a question for more clarification.  Also, if you know the comand line version of this, please do share.

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