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Tennis rocks!

Posted in Daily, Health, tennis by fernieville on May 18, 2008
In other news, since starting tennis in February, the team that I joined has made the regional cut and we’ll be travelling on a weekend to play other regional champs. How awesome is that? Sure it’s only a starter 2.5 level, but we have to start somewhere! It was an amazing game and we won 6-1, 6-2.

If only my tennis hero, Lindsey Davenport, could see me now 🙂

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Tennis is good for fat people…like me.

Posted in Daily, Weight Loss by fernieville on February 9, 2008

tennis playerAfter 5 years of no sports I’ve made my grand return…so what if this return is in a size 16 body and flabby? I’m happy playing tennis and picked up right where I left off in HS 14 years or so ago… I’m taking a for-fun course of Tennis, and to prove my dedication, this course is at 0830 on Saturday mornings. Oh yes…I’m serious.

I was brave and signed up for Intermediate even though, right up to my first class, I was thinking surely they would politely let me know I wasn’t up to par and that the beginning classes were offered at

But to my utter surprise I didn’t die, nor was was told to come back to another time slot! On the contrary, despite my gigantic hips and thunder thighs, I kept up with kids 3/4 my age! I mean, when you get to the advanced age of 30 and are forced to compete with kids a whole 7 years your junior than well…you gotta bring your A game!

But lo! Not only did this chunky diva play a mean game of tennis, I kicked undergrad butt! Inside I felt like Serena Williams, and of course outside is not what matters for this story. Anyhow, my ego was so tickled that I am venturing to join a tennis league!

In all seriousness though: This is such an exciting time right now and playing tennis, or any sport for that matter, makes me truly be a happier person. I feel calmer and more relaxed and yet alert. I have so much fun playing that I forget my muscles ache, or that I’m tired, or that I’m sweating. I played over 2 hours on Saturday morning and didn’t feel it until I got in the car, sat down and thought: “boy does that hurt!”

Must be feeling that “tennis high.” Either that or I’m delirious from all that sun.

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