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I eat like a stevedore

Posted in Daily, Weight Loss by fernieville on January 4, 2008

Perhaps that was harsh and I don’t want to insult longshoremen, but frankly I ate too darn much. Today I was proud of myself for I had my wonderful breakfast medly of oatmeal and cinnamon apples with brown sugar. At dinner time a friend visiting from Virginia called me up to go bowling before he left town. It was 3 hours after eating lunch and I was very much due for another meal, but I didn’t want to upset the caloric cart. I knew my friends weren’t hungry yet, and dinner would be a while but I timed it wrong and ended up not eating until 7 hours after lunch. I should have had a protein shake so I wouldn’t starve and get grumpier than I already was. I made the wrong call because I should eat something at the 3-4 hour mark and I didn’t.

But lo! Never fear for Fernicus held strong, and despite feeling ravenously and famishedly hungry I stalked the TGI Friday’s menu. I chose not what my body was begging me to chose: 3 course meal, with desert and mashed potatoes and steak… I looked and looked and found Cedar-Seared Salmon on Field Greens. Sure it’s fatty fish…but it’s gooood fatty fish and deliciously peppery and deliciously salty. With the creamy-appearing dressing on the side, I asked instead for the balsamic vinaigrette that didn’t look creamy but brownish. Creamy bad, brownish good.

In addition to this great salad was portobello mushrooms. I am a mushroom fanatic and I can’t remember for the life of me why on earth I forgot they existed. Soon this family’s menu will be inundated with Portobello Pizza, and Portobello Steaks and Portobello and pepper sauteed in oil… oh the humanity!

So despite all of the overshooting on portion size calculations, CalorieKing came up with 290 calories even though I had about 4oz of Salmon. Not too shabby. And now I get to have my shake, which I dumbly skipped earlier, before I go to sleep.

The before-sleep-food, I’ve been taught, has two schools. Those that say not to eat 3 hours before bedtime and those that say get some protein (not carbs) to keep the body from cannibalizing protein. The first you’ll hear from skinny aerobic instructors and the latter you’ll hear from buff body builders. Which is correct? I don’t know really, but since my point is to lose body fat, I want to make sure I maintain my muscle mass while I lose weight on a caloric restriction diet. I may be wrong, but I know it worked in the past for me the first time I trained under this diet. What I must do is up my meal numbers from 3 to 5 or even 6. This will definitely up my metabolism from snail to hopefully turtle speed…ok ok llama speed.

Approximate Calories Today: 1414
Calorie Deficit: 627