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Dehydrated Toddler

Posted in Family by fernieville on February 11, 2008

crying-baby.jpgI’m amazed at my 3yo’s ability to cry for everything and anything and not get severely dehydrated. Its what to wear, what to eat, what to drink, what cup, what color of cup, how cold the liquid is, how many cups with different liquids…you get the idea.

Today, a seemingly peaceful trip to the supermarket turned sour after my 3yo and teenager went to fetch the obligatory free cookie from the bakery. They return and my teenager tells me, using his best I’m-talking-to-a-preschooler voice: “mommy, Booboo won’t share my cookie and the lady said 1 for her and one for me.” To which my 3yo daughter promptly answers with a mouthful of chocolate chip cookie: “nooo, not YOUR cookie, this is my cookie.”

So I try and be diplomatic about this: “Booboo, I’m so sad that you wont share with your brother…” and turning to him I say “don’t cry brudy, she’ll give you her cookie”

While her brother is pretending to whimper, she exclaims “he wont cry!! he’s big!!!”

ugh. A minute later she had stuffed her 1st cookie in her mouth and was starting the second when her brother alerted me that she was eating his cookie. He wasn’t complaining, he couldn’t care less about the cookie…but it was the principle of the matter!

So I asked twice to give the cookie and the third time I simply took it and handed it to her brother. For the next 30 minutes this kid screamed in the supermarked. A new mother would have been flustered, but I’m a vet and am not easily bothered…so I continued shopping and she continued to scream.

It just amazes me how much everything bothers her…after the cookie her hands were dirty (with chocolate!) prompting more crying, then I picked the wrong color bananas…she wanted the green plantains! huh?

Anyhow, I called my mom after the kids were in bed and we had a good laugh and once more she reminded me that I’m paying for my own transgressions when I was that age… as far as I know, the pictures show me smiling so I must have been an angel!

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