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iJailbreak my iPhone…any iPhone!

Posted in iphone, Mac by fernieville on February 12, 2008

1.1.3 is finally jailbroken! Just used this and it was the easiest thing I’ve ever done!

No matter what bootloader, OS, version, firmware whatever, you name it, it’ll Jailbreak it. No terminal, no weird press button “while upsidedown and hoping on one foot” deals, no downgrading nothing. Press button– 20 seconds later DONE!

Amazing job by George Hotz for finding the exploit, Zibri for coding it up and AriX for the GUI. I wish I was 25% the coder these guys are…



  • Unlocks (meaning using any compatible SIM other than AT&T) only works with bootloader 4.6. If you don’t know which one then jailbreak first and then follow steps to find out your bootloader.
  • If at the end you see “No Service” don’t panic. Simply reboot your iPhone by holding the two buttons down (which ones? the only two buttons! 🙂 )
  • As of today (2.12.08) this does not work with the iPod touch, only iPhones.

Enjoy the software (download it here: Sites that might help you get info in case it doesn’t work for you:

  1. iJailBreak – Home
  3. (for visual tutorials on anything mac)
  6. (for windows tutorial)
  7. (for everything about modding your iPhone)