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Posted in Daily, Weight Loss by fernieville on June 3, 2008

The graph bellow doesn’t show the full range… but believe me it’s been 25lbs. TWENTY FIVE in 6 months… or about 1lb/week.

I’m so excited about this. And my friend Kee reached her first WW milestone! YAY!!!

Wish my mom and hubby would join the boat…but I think if both of us keep going they’ll see we’re not starving or complaining and looking better and feeling better….

And you know what? I was at the docs office the other day and my blood pressure was at 100/80 and my resting pulse was 62. WOOT. Wonder what my cholesterol is now…

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Tennis is good for fat people…like me.

Posted in Daily, Weight Loss by fernieville on February 9, 2008

tennis playerAfter 5 years of no sports I’ve made my grand return…so what if this return is in a size 16 body and flabby? I’m happy playing tennis and picked up right where I left off in HS 14 years or so ago… I’m taking a for-fun course of Tennis, and to prove my dedication, this course is at 0830 on Saturday mornings. Oh yes…I’m serious.

I was brave and signed up for Intermediate even though, right up to my first class, I was thinking surely they would politely let me know I wasn’t up to par and that the beginning classes were offered at

But to my utter surprise I didn’t die, nor was was told to come back to another time slot! On the contrary, despite my gigantic hips and thunder thighs, I kept up with kids 3/4 my age! I mean, when you get to the advanced age of 30 and are forced to compete with kids a whole 7 years your junior than well…you gotta bring your A game!

But lo! Not only did this chunky diva play a mean game of tennis, I kicked undergrad butt! Inside I felt like Serena Williams, and of course outside is not what matters for this story. Anyhow, my ego was so tickled that I am venturing to join a tennis league!

In all seriousness though: This is such an exciting time right now and playing tennis, or any sport for that matter, makes me truly be a happier person. I feel calmer and more relaxed and yet alert. I have so much fun playing that I forget my muscles ache, or that I’m tired, or that I’m sweating. I played over 2 hours on Saturday morning and didn’t feel it until I got in the car, sat down and thought: “boy does that hurt!”

Must be feeling that “tennis high.” Either that or I’m delirious from all that sun.

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I fell off the wagon

Posted in Daily, Health by fernieville on January 13, 2008

For the last two days I’ve had food at a restaurant or someone’s house. On Friday hubby and I had a date and we (me) decided to have Thai food. I had some delicious and scrumptious peanut/coconut milk chicken curry….oh it was so heavenly and thick and tasty and hot and smooth and peanutty and…

Anyhow, yesterday my friend had a lunch to celebrate his 11th Anniversary. I chose the salad…lots of it…then veggies, then meat, then lastly rice.

It’s annoying counting calories working hard all week and then BAM! Delicious curry with peanut butter and coconut milk…

But here is the silver lining: I ate half. I enjoyed my curry…half of it. And then I stopped and brought the rest home…. perhaps I shouldn’t have brought it home, but I figured my son would enjoy it…ok I ate that today, I confess, but I only ate half! The other half…

Tomorrow I get back on the wagon 🙂

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