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Lost a little bit of myself

Posted in Daily, Health by fernieville on January 8, 2008

So I’ve lost weight. Not a lot of weight, but the loss has begun. 2.2lbs to be exact. And I went to the weight room…which I hated every moment of it but I did it.

School began this week and I’m back to the grind. Not a lot of time and the true test of my dietary commitment will be when school begins to pull on my time and I have to make the decision to eat for fun or eat for fuel. I have to remember that while I can eat food that is fatty/carbohydrate filled for fun once in a while, I must to remember that on most days, I must eat so my body gets nutrition and then have fun on days where my tongue gets to have some fun.

That’s not say that “diet” food isn’t tasteful, on the contrary. But I LOVE tempura, fried chicken, bowls of pasta and oodles of white rice. But my lifestyle isn’t active enough to support the calories concentrated in these foods. If I worked in the field, or played sports regurlarly, this wouldn’t make a darn bit of difference for my weight, though nutritionally they’d be more deficient.

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